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#36: Brain Bags 🧠 🎒👜👛

November 17th, 2022 · 51 minutes

Kathy is away so Jay has brought bag and electronics YouTuber PK Shiu to the show to talk about what we learn in our side-hustles.

Guest Starring: PK Shiu

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Links and Show Notes

Checked Connections

- Kathy 🟨 - I didn't put up the lights like I wanted to, but I have added my unicorn blanket to my work chair and started doing silly dancing to warm up while I wait for my coffee to finish. Looking forward to more silly things!
- Jay ✅ - Wrap up the things that prevented DFN/DFG

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New Connections

- PK - Just moved! - Playing with an office setup
- Jay - Mise en place my systems and tools to prepare for the upcoming systems check.


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